Complete Lactation Care Package

Many parents hesitate to get professional help for breastfeeding, until their difficulties have escalated.  If addressed early, small problems do not become breastfeeding road-blocks.  With my complete lactation care package, I provide anticipatory guidance and early assistance, allowing you and your and baby to have a smoother postpartum breastfeeding experience.

The complete lactation care package includes:

A prenatal breastfeeding consult in your home.  I will answer any questions you have about breastfeeding and cover all the information in my prenatal breastfeeding class.  Additionally, I will provide information to address any physical or anatomical issues that could influence breastfeeding.

A postnatal home-visit consult to address any breastfeeding difficulties or questions.  

A follow-up visit 1-2 weeks later, if needed.

On-going support by phone or e-mail.

The cost for the complete lactation care package is $ 310*

*Extra charges may apply for locations that are farther than a 30 mile distance from my home.

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