Important Links

Local La Leche League mother-to-mother volunteer breastfeeding support

La Leche League national helpline
1-877-4-LA-LECHE (877-452-5324)


Baby led self attachment

Online latch GIF

What it looks like when baby is swallowing well.

How to use breast compressions to increase milk transfer.

Reverse Pressure Softening (developed by K. Jean Cotterman RNC-E, IBCLC) and other videos

Normal newborn feeding behaviors

Hand Expression Videos (from Breastfeeding Medicine of Northeast Ohio)  (video created by the Norwegian mother to mother breastfeeding support organization, Ammehjelpen–scroll down for English video)

Technique for relieving breast edema/engorgement to make latching more comfortable

reverse pressure softening (developed by K. Jean Cotterman RNC-E, IBCLC)

How to increase pumping output

If you are doing everything you can and you are still not making enough milk, you might have insufficient glandular tissue Handout – Hypoplasia – Julieanne Hensby 2013or insulin resistance or may be affected by other hormonal imbalances.

Facebook group for parents with low milk supply.

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