New Breastfeeding Classes

Mother and Earth is sponsoring a breastfeeding class and triage/clinic presented by Laura Spitzfaden, IBCLC.

There will be only one class in July 2013.  There are no classes scheduled for August.  The July class, “Getting Started with Breastfeeding” meets **Wednesday** July 10th at 6:00pm.

This class is an ongoing event that occurs on the first Saturday and third Tuesday of each month.   The triage/clinic is available on Saturday, only. Please register at least 3 days in advance to ensure that the class will not be cancelled.  Late registrations may be accepted if space is available.

Saturday class is 10am-12pm.  Saturday Triage/Clinic is held between 12:00pm-2pm.  Tuesday class is from 6pm-8pm.

The Saturday class will address common difficulties such as how to prevent and treat sore nipples, how to achieve a comfortable latch,  how to avoid and treat thrush and mastitis, how to relieve edema using reverse pressure softening (a technique developed by K. Jean Cotterman RNC-E, IBCLC), how to know if baby is feeding well and how to increase a suppressed milk supply.  Class size is limited to 15 adults, including partners (partners attend free).  Please bring a soft bodied doll or stuffed toy to class.

The Triage/Clinic is for moms and their nursing babies.  It is designed to help moms who are having breastfeeding difficulties and who would benefit from the services of an IBCLC, but who do not wish to schedule a home-visit.  If the difficulties cannot be fully addressed by this clinic, a mom may apply the cost of the clinic to a full lactation consult home-visit.  Clinic size is limited to 2 nursing dyads.  This clinic includes assembling a full lactation history, a pre and post-feed weighing to determine intake, an observation of feeding and an infant oral exam.  You will be provided with a breastfeeding care-plan and a physician report.  Attendees must arrive 30 minutes before the clinic to fill out a history and consent form.  This is critical because there will be no time during the clinic for paperwork and the clinic cannot begin before paperwork is completed.

The Tuesday class is a “getting started with breastfeeding” class and covers topics such as, breastfeeding friendly labor and birth practices, latch and positioning techniques, hand expression, normal newborn feeding behaviors, managing engorgement, how to know your baby is transferring milk and troubleshooting difficulties.  I will also provide information on choosing a breast pump, though not every mom needs a pump!  Please bring a soft bodied doll or stuffed toy to class.

Saturday and Tuesday Class fee 35.00

Triage/Clinic fee 70.00

Breastfeeding Class and Triage/Clinic combination is 80.00 (only 70.00 may be applied toward a home-visit if needed)

Contact Laura Spitzfaden at 517-285-7819 or to register.