The best start to breastfeeding, can be facilitated by attending La Leche League meetings during your pregnancy.  This international volunteer organization provides peer support for breastfeeding.  It is this ongoing support from other breastfeeding parents, that is so valuable and makes La Leche League meetings  superior to any breastfeeding class.  It is also completely free! La Leche League leaders are also available by phone to answer your questions about breastfeeding.  If you are interested in attending LLL meetings, visit my resource page for contact information.

If you prefer a class in the privacy of your home, or if you are unable to attend a La Leche League meeting, I offer an in-home, prenatal breastfeeding class.  This class is scheduled at your convenience.  I will answer your questions and  provide you with all the resources and education you need to meet your breastfeeding goals.  Your class will include instruction on breastfeeding friendly labor and birth practices, latch and positioning techniques, hand expression, normal newborn feeding behaviors, managing engorgement, how to know your baby is transferring milk and troubleshooting difficulties.  I can also give instruction on the usage of electric breast pumps, though not everyone needs a pump!

Your private breastfeeding class fee includes your family and one support person.  Additional class members may be added for additional fees.  Invite your pregnant friends and make it a party!

$75 includes:

-1.5-2 hour class for you and your family members and one extra support person (doula, midwife, etc.)

-Follow-up questions answered by phone or e-mail, before and after the birth of your baby.

Each additional attendee (up to 4 additional) is an extra $15 charge.  For 5-10 additional attendees, the charge is $20 per additional attendee.