***Triage Clinic is Not Currently Available***

The Triage/Clinic is for individuals and their nursing babies.  It is designed to help parents who are having breastfeeding difficulties and who would benefit from the services of an IBCLC, but who do not wish to schedule a home-visit.  If the difficulties cannot be fully addressed by this clinic, the cost of the clinic may be applied to a full lactation consult home-visit.  Clinic size is limited to 2 nursing dyads and requires pre-registration.  This clinic includes assembling a full lactation history, a pre and post-feed weighing to determine intake, an observation of feeding and an infant oral exam.  You will be provided with a breastfeeding care-plan and a physician report.

Attendees must arrive 30 minutes before the clinic to fill out a history and consent form.  This is critical because there will be no time during the clinic for paperwork and the clinic cannot begin before paperwork is completed.

Triage/Clinic is located at Mother and Earth http://www.motherandearth.com/

The Triage/Clinic is an ongoing event that takes place on the first Saturday of every month at 12pm. ***Triage Clinic is Not Currently Available***

Triage clinic cost: $70